Games built using Fyrox

# Station Iapetus (opens new window)

A DeadSpace-like horror game. The action takes place on a spaceship that stays radio-silent near Saturn. The main character had crashed in the loading bay. He's the only survivor, and has no other option but to start exploring the main ship to find a way to escape (This is the main goal).

# rusty-shooter (opens new window)

Nothing beats the classics! A Quake3-like arena shooter, it's a tech demo for the engine.

# soccer (opens new window) by 64kramsystem (opens new window)

Fyrox port of "Soccer" (Sensible Soccer clone), from Code the Classics - Vol. 1 (opens new window).


# rustcycles (opens new window) by martin-t (opens new window)

RustCycles is a FOSS third person multiplayer shooter that's about movement, not aim. You have to be smart and think fast.

rustcycles1 rustcycles2

# Breakfloor by wtblife (opens new window)

Breakfloor is a first-person multiplayer shooter.

breakfloor1 breakfloor2

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