This Week in Fyrox #16

Fyrox is an open-source (opens new window) Rust game engine with lots of out-of-box game-ready features and a full-featured editor. Changes of this week were mostly focuses on UI style and usability improvements.

# Editor Restyling

The editor now has more cleaner and modern user interface:

editor new

The old version for comparison:

editor old

The new style does not have radical differences with the previous one - it just improves existing style, to make it a bit more attractive.

# Ability to Search Assets

Asset browser is now able to search assets by name:


# NumericUpDown Widget

Values of NumericUpDown widget can now be changed by mouse dragging:


# Book Improvements

The book is now have two new sections - Audio Bus (opens new window) and HRTF (opens new window).

# Other

Imported animations are now enabled by default, previously they were imported as disabled which could lead to confusions. UI's DrawingContext is now able to draw arcs and rounded rectangles.

The engine now uses latest winit and glutin crates, which is a first step towards Android support. Experimental Android support should be ready at the next week.

# Full List of Changes in Random Order

  • Ability to search assets in the asset browser
  • Editor restyling
  • SearchBar widget
  • Put interaction mode panel on top of scene previewer
  • Show values range + axes names in blend space editor
  • Show indices of input sockets of absm nodes
  • Hand cursor for blend space points
  • Keep animations enabled on import
  • DrawingContext::push_arc+push_rounded_rect
  • Show No Scene reminder when there's no open scene.
  • Optional ability to suppress closing menus by clicking on non empty menu
  • Moved global position indicator to top ribbon
  • More contrast tooltips in the editor
  • Tooltip for asset items in the asset browser
  • Ability to hide path text box in file browser widget
  • Hide path field in the asset browser
  • Make TreeRoot fields public
  • Less contrast editor's skybox
  • Replace search bar in the world viewer and node selector
  • Ability to change value in NumericUpDown widget by dragging
  • Update to latest winit + glutin