This Week in Fyrox #14

Fyrox is an open-source (opens new window) Rust game engine with lots of out-of-box game-ready features and a full-featured editor. Changes of this week was mostly focused on animation system improvements.

# Root Motion

Root motion is a special animation technique of motion transfer from a root bone to a physical capsule that moves characters in games. It is used to prevent "floating" or "sliding" effect; to perfectly match capsule motion with the motion from the animation. To get better understanding of how it works, check the video:

As you can see, root motion significantly improves overall animation quality: feet matches the ground and the motion looks natural. There's no tutorial yet of how to achieve the same effect, but it should be ready to the next release of TWiF #15.

# Animation Editor

anim editor

On this week, the animation editor has two major quality-of-life improvements:

  1. Ability to create special bindings to position/scaling/rotation properties of a scene nodes. Such bindings are much faster in terms of performance and widely used in pretty much any animation.
  2. Ability to enable root motion and set its settings, like position and rotation filtering.
  3. Ability to reimport animation - this is useful when you need to replace an animation, but preserve its handle. It is very useful if you already have an Animation Blending State Machine that uses an animation that you want to change.

# Help Menu

It is now possible to open the book (opens new window) and the API reference (opens new window) from the editor via Help menu:

anim editor

# Book Improvements

@mrDIMAS (opens new window) started to do proofreading the book (opens new window) and do the fixes so the book can be read without a feeling that is just pile of random information. Now, at least one day per week will be dedicated to writing the book, so it will get new chapters and improve existing. There are some plans to write a few new tutorials.

# Other

Implementation of Android support, that was planned to the first months of 2023, is delaying because of animation and sound system improvements. Any help with Android support would be nice.

# Full List of Changes in Random Order

  • Root motion support
  • Ability to create special, more performance bindings to position/scale/rotation properties of scene nodes
  • Added Help menu
  • Ability to reimport animations in the animation editor
  • Improved visual appearance of the audio context panel
  • Fixed sound stuttering in the editor in audio preview mode
  • Fixed sound examples
  • Ability to set audio bus gain
  • fyrox-template improvements
  • Various book improvements