The engine was renamed to Fyrox

The engine was renamed from rg3d to Fyrox. There are multiple reasons for that:

  • rg3d is hard to pronounce.
  • It has 3d in it, which has become confusing after adding proper 2D support.
  • It is not memorable - some random letters and numbers.

The new name is not ideal too, but it is somewhat memorable, easy to pronounce, and less confusing.

# Meaning and origin

So what does the new name mean and how it was created? Originally I proposed Feox as a new name, but a lot of people from the community told me that is sound like it missing r letter, so I added it, and it became Ferox. As with any good name it was already taken, and I decided to change a single letter and the Fyrox was born.

After this somebody noticed, that the name is actually sounds like Fire + Ox, and BillyDM created the logo with the "flaming bull". This is an excellent example of community work!