Fyrox 0.26 Feature Highlights

Fyrox 0.26 is a small release that fixes few very annoying bugs and adds missing functionality. The list of changes is somewhat small, but the bugs it fixes are huge.

  • Added project template generator - it generates a workspace with three projects game, editor, executor and fills it with required boilerplate code.
  • Fixed invisible selected item in drop-down list widget.
  • Correctly sync node names in World Viewer
  • Reset editor's camera projection mode switch when creating new scene
  • Fixed doubling scene entities in World Viewer when loading scene via StartupData
  • More logging for renderer
  • Fixed shader cache - now the engine won't re-compile shaders each 20 seconds.
  • Temporarily disable Lifetime property editing because it causes crashes
  • Do not show dirty flag of Transform in the Inspector
  • Provide access to property editors container for editor's Inspector - it is now possible to register your own property editors
  • Fixed panic when syncing Inspector for an entity with Option<Texture> field.
  • Added handle_object_property_changed and handle_collection_property_changed macros to reduce boilerplate code in script property handling.
  • Added ability to restore resource handles for scripts
  • Fixed selection visualization in Asset Browser
  • Validation for sky box cube map generator