rg3d 0.22 Feature Highlights

I'm happy to announce that rg3d 0.22 was released.

Also check this video, made by GameFromScratch (opens new window):

Here is the list of new features:

  • Deferred decals
  • Curve editor widget
  • Behavior trees
  • Custom curves supports
  • Asset management improvements
  • Mask char for TextBox and FormattedText
  • Ability to change path of resources
  • Improvements for FileSelector widget
  • Various fixes for scene resolving stage
  • Provide a way to alter control flow of event loop in Framework
  • A way to create custom particle set in ParticleSystem
  • #[visit(option)] attribute for Visit proc macro
  • Ability to pause particle systems
  • Other various fixes and improvements

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# Special thanks

All Contrubutors (opens new window)
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Taylor C. Richberger (opens new window)
Mitch Skinner (opens new window)
ozkriff (opens new window)
Erlend Sogge Heggen (opens new window)
Luke Jones (opens new window)
Taylor Gerpheide (opens new window)
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